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theindecisiveblogger: im just curious no need to post this just reply in myy ask but.. how many followers do u have?

a mill ma

toasterwaffles: Carefree White Dudes.

omg. thank you for this.

Women Empowerment

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b-sama: What do you think of black girls who want/act like carefreewhitegirl(s)?

let your cfwg flag fly. it’s hard out there for a

I'm not sure if you've ever seen The Virgin Suicides, but I think Lux Lisbon is the original CFWG. She is a CFWG through and through. Even when she's put in a position where she should care she cries a little bit but adjusts and just goes right back on not caring, doing her own thing, while looking good and breaking hearts the whole time. Just thought you might like to look in to it!

yeah. i think youre right. i can’t remember tho. i saw virgin suicides in 1999 and that was over 10 years ago. 

classyandshit: free people is for carefree people. this particular season is an exhaustive study on how to construct the perfect bohemian persona.

why is everything in that store the color white? it freaks me out.

flapjackstate: Does the 1971 film 'Walkabout' come into the CFWG genre? I assume it does. It reeks of 'cultural experiences' to me.

i didn’t see it. the most recent cfwg movie i saw was CELINE ET JULIE VONT EN BATEAU. 

acowgirlwiththeblues: Wait, so the character of Lolita isn't the ultimate CFWG? She's my main idea of what a CFWG is.

nah she had some problems. mainly that her gentleman caller was 1000 years old. cfwgs only date cfwgs.

wand3rlust: I spent the last half hour going through your blog and I find it very entertaining and thought provoking. When I see all the complaints you've posted from other people being SOOO offended by the blog it makes me realize that we still have a ways to go before the stereotypes of female beauty can (and hopefully will) be normalized.

It really made me wonder why people would get so offended by a blog that is (from what I can tell) pointing out some major and consistent flaws and unrealistic portrayals of women in the fashion, photography and film industries. I'm going to do a lot of assuming here and risk sounding like an ass, but the only thing I can come up with is, I think they must read your posts as blaming the actual CFWG in those images. Possibly it's their "gut reaction" to take it personally because they themselves embody the stereotypical "image" of a CFWG. In fact, I can't say I'm immune from striving to fit the image myself at a certain point in my life. But that's the POINT right there. The problem isn't skinny carefree white girls themselves, but the portrayal of them being idealized above all other representations of women.

We are swarmed in the media with the idea that beauty is skinny, porcelain white skinned, frolicking and giggling women. Our societies make it acceptable to hold this as an ideal image of beauty meanwhile we have women like my former roommate that would use skin lighteners (i.e. BLEACH) to try and fit this ideal image. The thing that was an eye opener to me though was that she herself saw absolutely nothing wrong with doing it. "Why on earth would you do that to your skin?" I asked ignorantly. "It's just what we do," she answered. That moment in my life I fully realized just how much the ideal portrayed image of beauty affects all races and cultures. It makes me sad to know that this image of CFWG breeds this type of thinking in the world. No one person (let alone culture) should feel so pressured to fit in that they resort to damaging their bodies.

Anyway... my long rambling comment is done. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous: Have you ever read "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut?

If so, I'm wondering if that is the type of society you see as ideal? Because based on all this emphisis on ablism and privilege, it seems like it.

no but i read that other one “Slaughterhouse-Five.” I dont remember anything about it though, i hate books about war. Sorry!!!

Anonymous: i just heard about your blog and i've spent the last hour or so scrolling through. i really like it and i think you bring up some really interesting things but it also makes me feel...uncomfortable...because i recognize how much i buy into the CFWG image and stuff. and i know that's the point, but my question is this, is it bad to want to be carefree and run around in a field?

no i do too

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